Innovative future-proof lighting component solutions from one single source.

The A.L.P. Europe product range encompasses a wide variety of material choices, allowing you to design and build with ease.

Our Product Range

Specialising in glare control and diffuser products, A.L.P. Europe also source and supply a myriad of complementary products to give our customer a ‘one stop’ approach to their product requirements.

LED Diffusion

A.L.P. Europe LED Diffuser sheet and film products are at the forefront of lighting technology, offering unrivaled performance and efficiency, allowing to push the boundaries of lighting design.

LED Glare Control

A.L.P.’s future proof range of LED light control products are arguably the best in the world.  An enviable range of global names grace our product range, offering the right product solution every time.

Light Guide Plate

Innovative light guide plate utilise a unique pattern design which increases the spread of light allowing unparalleled uniformity of light and excellent luminance.

Beam Management

A.L.P.s beam management products allow an increase of light output simply by reflecting more light out of the luminaire, than a traditional painted or metal reflective finish.

A.L.P. LexaLite®

The LexaLite reflector range encompasses a vast array of product solutions, including the latest LED reflectors offering optimum control of light.

Suspension Systems

Our easy to use suspension kit systems allow for almost any luminaire design to be suspended quickly and easily, allowing for creative lighting designs to be achieved.

Our Partners

A.L.P. Europe recognise the importance of working together to achieve our global presence in the marketplace, and our relationships with our supply partners is crucial to successfully bringing our distinctive and world leading products to market.