Beam Management

Batwing, Angle Bend, Elliptical and other beam management solutions just a few examples showing how we can help you create bespoke lighting using our prism and microprism technology.

Ideal for architectural, retail, automotive, and horticultural lighting applications, to name but a few, our beam management range allow you to push the boundaries of lighting design, without the need for bulky optics, giving you freedom to create forward thinking luminaire design solutions.

BrightView B series

BrightView B series film is a high-performance microstructure film, which splits a beam of light to create a batwing distribution, suitable for applications such as aisles, corridors, providing uniform light without a central ‘hot spot’.

A 2D batwing also promotes a controlled flat field illumination without a central hot spot of light, compared to traditional Lambertian distribution diffusers.

BrightView E series

BrightView E series film is a high-performance microstructure film, widely used for architectural lighting applications, offering an asymmetric elliptical distribution (stronger in one direction that the other).

E series is also suitable for some automotive lighting applications.

BrightView A series

BrightView A series film is a high-performance microstructure film, which bend the angle of light up to 20’, offering an elegant solution for wall wash and cove light applications.

BrightView M series

BrightView M series film is an ideal solution for down light and spot light applications to enhance colour mixing to ensure uniformity of light whilst eliminating beam artifacts (or the halo effect) from the light source.

Jungbecker ADP

Jungbecker ADP is a high precision embossed sheet, utilizing state of the art linear prism technology to help achieve up to 20’ angle for wall wash applications.