LED Glare Control

Glare suppression, or controlling high angle Brightness from LEDs, is made simple with A.L.P.’s high-performance selection of microprism optics.

Offering the latest in both microprism and nanoprism technology and available in a wide variety of formats, our Glare Control range enables you to push the boundaries of lighting design whilst promoting safe and healthy working environments.


Micromid is our entry level microprism, which offers good glare control properties, features 1.5mm wide male pyramid prisms and is available in a PMMA substrate. Micro Mid is an extruded product, allowing a wide variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses. This may present a cost benefit versus other glare control products within the A.L.P. range.


AGP is our high-performance extruded sheet microprism, utlising a hex shape prism and is widely used for Glare Control applications where the need to meet UGR specifications for healthy working environments is crucial.


SHARP is a TPa rated microprism Polycarbonate. UV protected, is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, and of course being polycarbonate is ideal for impact resistant applications or where fire regulations are key.


Jungbecker CDP is the perfect choice for high performance Glare Control, utilizing precise embossed prisms offering unrivalled beam management – for use in high lumen output applications where glare control performance is critical.

BrightView G Series

BrightView G series film is a high-performance microstructure film, combining superior Glare Control capabilities and excellent light transmission. Available in both UV and non-UV options for internal or external applications.


Jungbecker MicroCDP is a unique twist on the classic CDP, utilizing nano-structure technology but maintains conical prism appearance and exceptional glare control performance.


Jungbecker EXpress is a hot embossed glare control prismatic linear profile, combining the ease of use clip in profiles, with the Jungbecker CDP high performance glare control.