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State-of-the-art U.K. based in-house manufacturing facilities from our modern production and distribution facility

The A.L.P. Europe production facility based in the heart of the U.K. allows us to service not only flat sheet requirements but the conversion of our sheet and film portfolio of products to almost any size and shape you desire.

This enables you to single source semi-finished or finished components within user-friendly timescales.

Our myriad of production techniques, from Beam saw cut, laser cutting, milled and knife cut, not to mention injection molding, vacuum forming, and digital printing, allows us to help you create bespoke luminaire design tailored to your individual requirements, from initial design concept all the way through to production order volumes.

Based in the heart of the U.K., within reach of all major road networks, Port and Airports, our material can be easily shipped to your own geographical region.

The versatile characteristics of our products enable us to promote and encourage bespoke lighting design creativity, allowing lighting designers to create new and exciting lighting solutions, and allows us to help you from concept to construction to ensure the ideal materials choices are considered.

Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Cut to size

Laser cutting

CNC milling



Injection molding

Photometric testing of luminaires

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