A.L.P. Europe strive to ensure we meet our obligations to the planet to reduce our global carbon footprint.

We are actively promoting the use of eco-friendly materials in both our packaging and also the raw materials that our plastics sheets are produced from.

Working closely with our supply partners, we encourage and promote the use of recycled products not to mention finding news ways and technologies to improve our productivity to help reduce our carbon emissions and reduce waste to landfill.

A.L.P. Europe have specified targets and aim to exceed our targets to ensure we can offer sustainable solutions, whilst ensuring quality and performance of our business and product range remains.

Working towards the future of lighting

Embracing the challenge today
for the future of tomorrow




Sustainability is a guiding principle in all areas of manufacturing and operations for A.L.P. Europe. We are committed to driving value for our customers, society, the environment and the lighting industry. We strive for continuous improvement to reduce the impact of activities on the environment, minimizing waste generation and leveraging renewable resources and energy options.