A.L.P. LexaLite ® Range

Lexalite® is the world’s largest and best-known brand for lighting control, designed and produced using the latest manufacturing capabilities. The LexaLite reflector range encompasses a vast array of product solutions, including the latest LED reflectors offering optimum control of light.

These high efficiency prismatic refractors work equally well for outdoor, vapour-proof and vandal-proof luminaires and interior, decorative applications. Their unique prism design allows high efficiencies to be achieved.

A.L.P. LexaLite offers both proprietary and custom injection molding specializing in optical acrylic, polycarbonate and silicone materials. A.L.P. LexaLite is recognized for designing and manufacturing the finest optical lighting components.


Manufactured from high quality lighting grade acrylic and polycarbonate, Lexalite Reflexors® are the perfect choice for high and low bay applications, offering exceptional beam management control and can easily be adapted to suit most types of lighting formats. A wide product choice enables you to specify the best Lexalite reflexor for your application.

Sentry Elite ®

Sentry Elite® is combines aesthetically pleasing design, functionality and durability, and can be adapted to suit up to IP68 rating applications.

A varied choice of lens design enables a perfect choice of light distribution for your application every time.

Injection Moulding

ALP is the perfect choice for injection moulded products, in a choice of material substrates including acrylic, polycarbonate and silicon.

ALP offer a standard range of injection moulded products, as well as offering a custom design service, combining unrivaled expertise in beam management applications and high quality products to suit almost any lighting concept.