Anti-Glare Plate (AGP)

Combining a Hex Prism geometry together with high clarity PMMA, AGP offers a premium glare control solution to help achieve UGR 19.

Using the latest in prism technology design, AGP offers very good glare control performance, with a pleasing aesthetic, allowing for a functional and cost friendly solution.

A.L.P. Europe can provide the AGP as master sheet, or you can benefit from our in-house manufacturing facility, incorporating the latest technology to convert the master sheet into semi-finished parts.

PMMA Acrylic Clear

Available Sizes:
Up to 1850mm x 1250mm
Max. 3050mm x 1250mm


Refractive Index: 1.491

Transmittance: 92%

Efficiency: >95%

Temperature Range:
-40 ºC up to +80ºC