A Formula for Another Unbeatable A.L.P. Europe Product

Here at A.L.P. Europe, we continually strive to remain ahead of the curve to offer high-performance, affordable, future-proof beam management solutions in both film and sheet formats.

A new solution from the A.L.P. Europe Innovation Department combines two great products to create ONE Fantastic result. Utilizing our Lumieo® Arctic diffuse lighting film for its lamp hiding characteristics and good light transmission values and our Anti-Glare Plate (AGP) for its excellent glare control properties, we have the perfect combination for a cost-effective, high-performance, low glare solution.

The Lumieo Arctic and AGP can easily be cut and machined in A.L.P. Europe’s state-of-the-art production facility, allowing you to design bespoke luminaires to suit almost any lighting application.

Produced from virgin grade resins, the solutions reflect our ongoing commitment to quality and performance, giving you the peace that comes with featuring world-class products in your luminaire design.

Lumieo Arctic film
is available in
0.25mm, 0.35mm,
and 0.5mm thickness.

Anti-Glare Plate (AGP)
is available in
1.5mm and 2mm Acrylic.

Please contact the A.L.P. Europe sales team to discuss your requirements and how we can help. We are available by Microsoft Teams video conference, too!, or visit our website for further information at www.alpeurope.co.uk

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